wellness with energy healing


Embracing the journey of acceptance,
for being human is our existence,
living in the now and healing for the highest good of your soul. 

What is Energy?

energy is existence. 

We are all humans living the human experience, not just made of physical matter, our bodies function on subtle vibrations of invisible energy.

Whether you hold a scientific or a spiritual perspective, we are all created from energy.
From quantum physics to questioning existence,  healing sessions can spark provoking thoughts to shift your mindset and encourage a positive outlook.
For what we think, we become.

The intention with energy healing is to balance the body, mind and spirit in a non-invasive manner by attuning with the Universal Source of Light and channeling light into the body, bringing a sense of wellbeing and peace.

Through our chakras and aura, we can receive healing light from the Source or Universe or whichever you prefer to call the Divine Consciousness. 

Our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of being are all energy, which is constantly moving. When energy becomes stuck, this can sometimes lead to dis-ease. 

Emotions and thoughts affect our wellbeing, both positively and negatively. 

​Our own mental patterns are creating our daily life experiences, which can also contribute to ease and dis-ease in the body.

Through healing sessions, we encourage the flow of energy by clearing blocks and resetting our system, becoming more in tune with our higher selves and our life's purpose.


What are the benefits?

Each person will experience different benefits depending on what they are experiencing in their life, but a general collective believe that energy healing has helped them to: 

Energy Healing Services

Each session will last approximately 60 minutes, with the healing itself usually taking 20-30 minutes depending on what needs to be covered that day. 

We will begin with reviewing the chakras, aura and any current issues you may be facing.
The more sessions that are undertaken, the deeper we are able to heal.
The analogy of an onion is often used to describe energy healing sessions, as we heal one layer, we are then able to delve into another layer until we reach the core.

Spiritual Healing is offered as complimentary to prescribed medical treatment, and not as an alternative.

Contact Healing

Spiritual Healing that is carried out in the presence of the patient. The Healer may lay hands on the patient or the hands may be held away from the body.

Distant Healing

The channeling of healing energy without making physical contact. By attunement and visualisation, the Healer seeks to promote the wellbeing of the patient.

Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing, Cord Cutting, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral Healing
and much more!

Testimonial Quotes


I have numerous chronic illnesses which cause ongoing issues both mentally and physically. I had reached a mental state of not being able to focus or to feel positive about how to move forwards. I knew that I needed help and wasn’t sure where to turn to. My sister suggested talking to Rachel and even after the first session I knew I had found a compassionate and intuitive healer. Rachel focused originally on chakra clearing and healing, I found this resonated really well with me and after the first two sessions I felt much more grounded and clearer mentally. She gives you time and confidence to express how you are feeling and you instinctively know she is a safe space. I also did my homework and this meant that I was setting aside time for meditation. Rachel supplied a guided meditation that I found so helpful and love doing so that I now do it on a regular basis. I felt calmer and more able to deal with different situations. After all my sessions with Rachel I really noticed a difference in how I approached life again, I realised that I needed help and she was a great aid to my improvements and how I could move forwards. I loved talking to her even though at times we worked on areas that I found painful and distressing, I also felt by the end of the sessions that I had really moved on from holding that grief and pain which was causing both physical and mental blocks.  I would happily recommend her to anyone looking for some guidance and help, I would love to work with her again in the future. 

- Alison - 


Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare for the healing?

Comfy clothes and an open mind! If you would prefer to bring a water bottle and a notepad then you are welcome to.

Otherwise, it is requested that you stay away from toxic substances for 24hr prior to the healing, which includes alcohol. 

It is encouraged that you create a spiritual section of your day, to allow for inner guidance and processing. Making time in your routine for grounding and meditation will be greatly beneficial, both short term and long term!

What should I expect from a session?

Each session is non-invasive and non-judgemental, creating a safe space to be yourself. Whether in person or distant, the session will be approximately 60 minutes. It is advised to keep hydrated following your session, but otherwise you will be ready to take on more challenges! Some sessions may leave you feeling excited and energised, sometimes you may feel calm and relaxed, occasionally you may feel reflective and pensive as you work through the tougher aspects of trauma. We are humans, capable of experiencing a rainbow of emotions! Each healing may feel completely different, embrace it!

How many sessions should I book?

Healing is a journey, a commitment to self. It does not just take one day to feel better. Rather a relearning of mind, body and soul to become your best being. Tools are shared throughout each session so that you can continue the work in your own time. After a while, you may feel sufficient to go ahead alone, and I will be proud to congratulate you on that. Until then, a course of 8 sessions is ideal, in order to uncover blockages, buried emotions and traumas. Some even enjoy continuing with a monthly session just to keep their energy in balance.

Get In Touch

Bookings can be made via email for both Contact and  Distant sessions.
Energy Healing Session Costs £44 for 60 minutes.
[for South African residents the fee is R444]
Distant Healing available globally,
or Contact/ In Person sessions are in Surrey, UK.
Home visits are available at extra cost and depend on your location.
For more information or to make a booking, please contact me at: healingandbeing@icloud.com

Testimonial Quotes

I found Rachel very approachable and easy to talk to. She always listened carefully and I felt comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. As we progressed through the sessions, her questions became more searching and thought provoking and we were able to identify the sources of some of my concerns and symptoms. I didn't know what to expect from healing and I am impressed with the process. This has helped me to understand myself better and I have learned ways to deal with negativity and tension.
During the healing sessions I entered a deep relaxation, enjoyed experiencing colours and freeing up of tension, aches and pains. Every session has left me energised and I am motivated to focus on the things that are important for me in life. I can highly recommend energy healing if you need support and focus. You will be guided gently through a powerful process.