Meditation Workshops

Guided Meditations

Meditation is a versatile tool that can assist in processing many emotions. Often it carries the association with needing to sit in silence, yet if this is a struggle for you, there are other variations for you to try!

This is where guided meditations are a little easier.
You will be encouraged to visualise a journey with little tasks along your way such as engaging the chakras, healing your inner child, connecting with your ancestors, clearing your aura and much more!

You will leave with tools to continue practising in your own time, if you wish!

Combining Energy Healing techniques with guided mediations allow you to delve inwards and discover, release or heal traumas that may be causing distress. 

Each session will be a blend of relaxed guided meditations as well as conscious engagement with energy healing techniques to explore your chakras, aura, ancestral lineage, aspects of your soul and much more!

Group Classes, Workshops or Private Sessions are available.